We have Partners


The most important thing we do is work with startups on their ideas. We’re visionaries ourselves, and we’ve spent a lot of time figuring out how to make things people want. So we can usually see fairly quickly the direction in which a small idea should be expanded, or the point at which to begin attacking a large but vague one.

The questions at this stage range from apparently minor (what to call the company) to frighteningly ambitious (the long-term plan for world domination). Over the course of three months we usually manage to help founders come up with initial answers to all of them.


We also help founders deal with investors and acquirers. Yes, we introduce you to them, but more importantly, we train founders how to appropriately pitch Startup ideas to investors, and how to spot the best deal offered, once they have generated interest. Investors know and trust VBONOW, and are inclined to treat you better, if you’re with us, in order to maintain the flow of future deals.


There is a lot of standard paperwork for Startups that are required to he submitted in a timely manner, that if avoided or completely improperly, could lead to serious hassles, headaches and delays later down the road. Fortunately, VBONOW can take care of all of that for you, as well. We regularly help Startups find and hire their first employees as well as help with intellectual property questions, like what to paten, and when. VBONOW also mediates disputes between founders, if needed.

The practicality of the advice we offer can only come from the real hands-on experience VBONOW has acquired.